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Advanced Planning & Scheduling for logistics

Over the years we have developed a range of industry enablers for logistic puzzles. The advantage of using an industry enabler is that it will have a positive impact on the project lead time.

In the area of landside logistics we have developed the industry enablers for inter-modal transport, road logistics, terminal management and retail. For inter-modal transport the enabler supports tactical decisions, operational transport planning and disruption management for a wide range of business involved in inter-model transport. For the other enablers please contact ronald.keij@ab-ovo.com 

For the aviation industry we have created a Collaborative Ground Services Industry Enabler. This enabler supports all planning and scheduling related to the core processes of an airport’s ground services such as delivering supplies to an airport, push-back, fuel supply etc. The same applies to planning of the ground logistics for delivering in-flight meals to departing airplanes

For industrial production, which in itself is a complex logistical puzzle, we have created an enabler covering 80% of the core planning challenges for production Companies.

On the references page you will find a number of customer references that outline the solutions that we have created for our customers.

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