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Advanced Planning & Scheduling for Rail Cargo

Ab Ovo is the market leader for Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solutions within the Rail Cargo industry. Based on the Quintiq technology we have developed industry enablers to cope with the most complex planning and scheduling puzzles. Next to APS solutions we also deliver ERP systems in this segment allowing us to serve our customers to the maximum.

Our Quintiq based Rail Cargo Industry Solution (RCIS) solves the daily puzzles faced by planners, as well as the tactical and strategic planning challenges. The daily questions on path availability, resource (locomotives, locomotive drivers, yard staff) allocation, activity planning, compliance with labor regulations, shifts in a cyclic or linear rostering, adapting schedules in the event a locomotive breaks down or a locomotive driver is ill, maintaining path knowledge, etc. are covered by our RCIS. Optional features include preferential bidding, demand planning and stock and duty optimization. In a addition to the RCIS solution, we create the customer-specific requirements relevant to the specific Rail Cargo operator.

On the references page you will find a number of customer references that outline the solutions that we have created for our customers.

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