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Financial domain

Order fulfillment is the direct trigger to start the module on the financial processing. The financial processing is fully automated but at the same time some critical process steps have been identified where the possibility is offered for manual approval before continuation of the process. The financial module fully supports both the UIC ‘classic’ revenue distribution model and the new purchase/selling model as it is internationally defined and used in the rail cargo industry. Dispute handling is integrated in all the processes; invoicing, purchasing, selling and revenue distribution.

The financial module provides functionality for extensive searching and viewing of the executed transactions together with the related financial data. The Rail Cargo System is open to any bookkeeping standard and we provide flexible interface functionality as a standard; a revenue recognition interface is provided before the order enters the financial module. In the context of general ledger bookkeeping, the financial module could be regarded as the sub-ledger for the transport and service related orders.

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