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The order- core of the system

The system is based on and built around one key cornerstone: the order. The order is the actual linking pin in the system, integrating ‘contract to invoice’ for every transport in only one system. Orders are typically created automatically based on for example proprietary customer interfaces (EDI), customer portals, Orfeus and ECN messages.

The order file, which is the functional link between all the modules, forms the core of the system. The order dossier contains the customer order information (what needs to be shipped where and when or which services need to be provided) combined with the information on tariffs, contracts, pricing, etc. In this integration, the consignment note is considered to be part of the order. The order module contains an extensive validation module to ensure compliance with contracts and to make sure an order can be executed and invoiced correctly the first time. Every time something changes in the execution of an order as a result of change requests by the customers (e.g. more goods to transport or different services to provide), or as a result of changes in the execution (e.g. alternate route due to closed paths) the order dossier is updated, the related costs are re-calculated and the financial dossier is adjusted to the new situation. The Rail Cargo System will also be Xrail-compliant, meaning that Orders can be created by means of Bookings, generated through Xrail functionality.


Contracts & Tariffs

In the world of European rail cargo, there are two predominant ways to define price and revenue: the traditional international revenue distribution and the purchase/selling model. These models define the price of a customer order and subsequent handling of the revenue with direct tariffs, with contracts or with a price list (the company’s price catalogue). These are all included in the Rail Cargo System, including the use of order templates.

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